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Creating a leading Catheters Specialist & Medical Device Group

The combined companies will constitute one of the world’s leading groups specializing in the supply of indwelling medical catheters, offering customers significant breadth of expertise, and a wide range of products and professional services.  The Degania group, with approximately 1,300 employees world-wide, will continue to operate out of facilities in five different countries: Israel, India, France, Germany and the United States.  The acquisition fully supports Degania's strategy to grow its specialized catheters and other medical supplies business for various applications, and to support its clients in the medical devices industry.
"This is an exciting development for our business and our employees," said Yair Mendels, CEO of Biometrix.  "By joining  with Degania, we will be able to achieve the double benefit of offering Degania’s and Arthesys’ products to our global customers, as well as contribute our leading products to Degania’s thriving OEM business.  The combination of Degania and Biometrix creates a great dynamic for the two companies, and generates a powerful force for further product development and supply chains."
Amos Nahir, Degania Silicone’s managing director and Chief Executive Officer, stated:
“The addition of Biometrix will enable Degania to better serve its customers as a one-stop shop for silicone and other fabricated catheters and related medical supplies, as well as facilitate Biometrix’s expansion of its product line to various end-users of its products.  Moreover, Biometrix’s products and know-how create for us a more fully integrated array of component solutions to our customers.  We believe that this acquisition will bring customers of both Degania Silicone and Biometrix even greater value through broader offerings and enhanced customer service. Beyond the products themselves, our combined enterprise will now have an additional pool of extremely talented people to drive these improvements.”
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